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  • Plane Cockpit: Dubai city aerial view

    Dubai City aerial view from plane cockpit.
    Ref: http://mediainlet.com/photo/?id=tw-1307738763020439553

    Trans & Travel
  • Cartoon Comic on UAE and Behrain bad luck with Isarel

    This cartoon comic United Arab Emirates and Bahrain has sold their will the way Palestinians ancestors sold their land. Now their grand generations spending devastating life. Definitely rules of UAE and Bahrain [...]

  • Seal pussy of women prostitutes with glue?

    Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan clue either public hanging or chemically castrated rapist, as a counter step, will he block prostitute women's pussy with glue?
    ## Counter punishment for women
    "What will be counter punishment for women?"...

  • Difference between Visa and Iqama

    Visa and Iqama both are practiced in the world with some difference. Visa is required to entrance or immigration purpose in a country. Iqama is the stay permit for any reason. Visa is issued by each country whereas Iqama by middle east or Arab countries. Where Iqama is not applicable, visa is considered to be the Iqama or stay permit....

    Trans & Travel
  • Pakistani Passport Renew Online

    Pakistani passport holders can renew their passport *online*. This facility is available for Pakistani Passport holders *outside Pakistan only*. This facility is not yet offered to passport holders in Pakistan....

  • Coronavirus vaccine poll: Results on COVID-19 vaccination interest

    Coronavirus vaccine poll result on 'interested in COVID-19 vaccination if available?' reveals the interest in getting a COVID-19 vaccine while given four options:
    - Strongly Agree
    - Somewhat Agree
    - Somewhat Disagree...

    Food & Health
  • English Pakistani: The true sprit of cricket supporter

    Pakistan originated British national in England supporter support both Pakistan Cricket team as well as the England Cricket team during Pakistan versus England T20I.

    "Combining backs of both T-Shirts of England and Pakistan makes words to 'ENGLISTAN' from ENGLand and pakISTAN."...

  • Top 3 Signs of Viruses exists on your phone

    Viruses or other malware more frequent on mobile phones or tablets than on laptop or desktop computers. There are three prominent signs or behavior that there are viruses or other malware is running on your phone or tablet....

  • npm install error code E404: npm.com is down

    npm ERR! code E404
    npm ERR! 404 Not Found - GET https://registry.npmjs.org/@dabh/diagnostics - Not found
    npm ERR! 404
    npm ERR! 404 '@dabh/diagnostics@^2.0.2' is not in the npm registry.
    npm ERR! 404 You should bug the author to publish it (or use the name yourself!)...

  • Social Media Users: Top 10 platforms & apps used by millions monthly

    World's most used social media platforms based on monthly active users, active user accoutns, ad audiences, or unique monthly visitors (in millions). Despite starting in 2016, TikTok has the seventh most users of any social media platform....

  • Fielding postions in cricket in 1893

    Cricket rules vintage book's page snapshot revealing the cricket fielding positions, page 31.

    The figure reveals some historic fielding positions, from the 1893 publication The reliable book of outdoor games.

  • alumni, alumnus, alumna, alumnae and alumni difference

    Alumni, alumnus, alumna and alumnae are quite confusing particularly for students. Here are the meaning and the gender/sex based difference for masculine and the feminine, adopted or inherited from Latin.

    Alumnus is singular for a male graduate (masculine)....