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While using PiTribe.com, agree all terms, conditions and policies and changes to these in future.

Do use the common sense while reading and understanding
  1. that I use this website/application at my own risk and any damage or problem caused directly or indirectly, the website/application will not be responsible any way
  2. that whatever and whenever information is provide is based on truth and facts as per the user's best knowledge
  3. I will not use or spread material of hate speech, nudity, religions mocking or insulting any entity (a personality/group/community etc.) that is respected for other entity
  4. that I will neither use PiTribe to violate copyrights nor to expose others personal, private or confidential content/information
  5. PiTribe is a social network, please avoid forwarding, sharing, spreading and/or distributing time wasting stuff/content like songs, movies etc.
  6. that I will never misuse PiTribe anyway
  7. that in case of any dispute, PiTribe's decision will be final