My IP address

Your IP address

Your IP address displays your network node address provided by your Internet Service Provider. If you are using a proxy server then the displayed IP (Internet Protocol) address show above is the proxy server's IP address.

Duplicate IP address

If your observe that some other device like computer, laptop, mobile smart phone or Smart TV also has same IP address then your internet traffic is going through the same node (point on the network). Your ISP may be sharing same connection with multiple people particularly when you are using the internet service though Cable Net service providers.

IP address changed

If you observe that your IP address have been changed with time, then this is most common practice by ISPs to assign dynamic IP address

Dynamic IP address

The IP address is assigned by ISP randomly is called dynamic IP address. As Local Area Network (LAN) or WAN on your router. Whenever you connect or reconnect the internet, your ISP may assign new IP address.

Static IP address

The ISP may assign your a particular IP address called Static IP that is just for you and whenever you connect or disconnect your IP address remain same no matter how frequently you connect or disconnect. This behavior is different form Dynamic IP.

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